Where Do We Go Next?

“It’s no coincidence that the word ‘holiday’ suggests a holy day, or that the longest book in the Torah concerns the Sabbath. If you wish to advance in any sphere, the best way is to take a retreat.” – Pico Iyer

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The beauty of our world is that no matter how connected, how globalized, or how informed we are – there is still serendipity in hidden places. There is infinitesimal joy in that first sunrise over Kilimanjaro, or the taste of that first mouthful of Mangostein. As the soft accents of your yoga instructor with their unusual local intonation fill your ears, you take that deep breath and inhale the air of a different place, with all its earthy fragrances, rare or humid – and with it, a different way of being.

Where do we go next?

Everyone’s talking about Cuba!

My friends just got back from Iceland!

I adore South East Asia but have been so many times already!

When we travel we need to know where we want to eat and put that down on the itinerary!

I just need a break. I want to sit on a beach and not have to think!

I’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive!

I love cruises but my husband loves trains! How can we combine the two?

Where do we go next?

This is the ultimate question that springs to mind as you evolve as a traveler – and a person, for when you were 25, you saw the world through a different pair of eyes, than at 45. Will it be the Douro valley of Portugal or the Loire valley of France? And what’s the difference? This is where WIYO Travel makes the difference.

Where do we go next? Are you seeking inspiration? You know that you need that digital detox and need to unplug – badly. You feel that stiff knot forming at the base of your neck from too many hours at your desktop. You close your eyes and daydream of unwinding somewhere tranquil…you wonder where would be ideal for you. This is where WIYO Travel makes the difference.

Where do we go next?

Your 10 year old is enamoured after watching Jungle Book and wants to see his first tiger in the wild. What’s the right time to go? Will Ranthambore be a better option in March, or Pench? Which safari lodges are the most child friendly? How do I get from the airport to the park? Are morning game drives better than evening ones? This is where WIYO Travel makes the difference.

But… booking.com is so convenient! It gives you a list of hotels, at the best price points and you can choose based on budgets, reviews, amenities…and then you just KNOW that everything is in place because you’ve got the confirmation directly… but we love all your knowledge and information and expertise – can you share that with us?

Where do we go next?

Yes – we know. There is a deep sense of comfort about being able to curate the trip yourself. So we’ve embraced the concept and created a unique travel portal for you at www.wiyotravel.com. Our re-launched website marries the best of our expertise with the convenience of cutting edge technology. There’s no need to go back and forth on the phone if you don’t want to (though our expert team is just a phone call away). You can browse by category, by destination, by price, and by interest. You can play with different options and see the alternatives. You can add on a transfer, or a guide or opt for days at leisure. You can just include breakfast or go the whole hog and turn your trip into a gastronomic fantasy. You can pay online. It’s that simple. We leave the joy of exploring the options with you, while taking away the hassle of the planning nitty-gritty. We seamlessly merge your ideas with our expertise, and translate them through our contacts across the world into ground realities – trips that create memories of a lifetime.

So hmm… your dad’s 60th birthday is coming up and you want to do something special? Your daughter’s graduating college and you’re want to gift her a rewarding moment? You’re getting married and you want to plan a killer honeymoon (who doesn’t?).

Now all you’ve got to do is pick up the phone – or just log on to www.wiyotravel.com to plan where you are going next – your way.


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