Would you rather gift the love of your life an object or a moment of wonder? With Valentine’s day just a month away – it gives us something to chew on, so we’ve coined our own term –

wanderlove: [falling in love with moments of wonder across different parts of the world, with the person you love]

We thought we would share what it means to us with you.



Wanderlove 1: Never Miss A Sunrise…

There’s something magical about a sunrise. It’s a moment of wonder when time hangs in the balance between the old day and the new. It’s a moment of rebirth, a new lease on the day to come.


Head to Darjeeling (or rather, just outside it) in the North East of India, to watch the exquisite beauty of a sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga. Rising out of the folds of the Himalayas, it almost appears to have a halo surrounding it. If you’re looking for a cozy getaway, head beyond Darjeeling into the warm embrace of The Glenburn Tea Estate. Graceful living at its best, this boutique heritage property is truly magical.


Wanderlove 2: Island Romance…

There’s nothing sweeter than diving under the surface of the ocean and being kissed by a giant seaturtle (even if it startles you at first). It’s almost a cliché but islands have a certain charm that’s hard to beat. The laid-back vibe, whispering wind, and gentle lapping of the lagoon lull you into a sense of wonder. As fish skim the soles of your feet, vibrant coral turn into a marine kaleidoscope.


Tahiti has its own charm. If luxury water villas are your style then head to Bora Bora, but if you’re looking for something a little different and just slightly off-beat, then we prefer Moorea. Literally a heart-shaped island, just 40 minutes by ferry from Papeete, Moorea has a vibe that you’ll immediately fall in love with. If you’re done with luxury resorts and want a more local ambience, then Moorea’s stand-alone hotels, like Les Tipaniers, have a cheeky charm of their own.



Wanderlove 3: Animalust

There’s something very raw and real about being out in the jungle. In a man versus nature scenario, it’s human instinct to draw closer to one another. As human beings, we learn profound lessons from nature on how to nurture one another, and the ephemeral beauty of love at first sight. Whether you’re lucky enough to watch hippos in lust or catch the dance of the Sarus Cranes that mate for life, one can fall in love with our planet’s wildlife over and over again.


Kenya draws us back time and again. The trumpet of an elephant, the roar of a lion, is an adrenaline rush unlike any other. The forest gives off a heady scent as you head across its grassland. We love the intimacy of Porini’s private campsites – cozy and small in size, they allow for a unique level of privacy and customization, with subtle and unobtrusive service to make your stay superlative.


Wanderlove 4: At the Roof of the World…

A trip to the roof of the world is both, a triumph of the spirit and a humbling of the heart. As you stand atop the mountain kingdoms of our planet you realize how small you are against the backdrop of the earth. It’s a miraculous moment that you’ve made it here at all, a moment to hold on to forever.


The mountains hold a special place in our hearts and there are so many kingdoms in the clouds to choose from. But one of the places that will never cease to amaze us is Ladakh. This last shangrila is a place of immense beauty and spirituality. It’s here that you really feel the power of the planet coursing through your body as the ice-fed rivers thunder over boulders. And as you step out of the diamond-brilliance of the sun and across the threshold of its Buddhist monasteries, or for those who seek a true sense of adventure, follow the pugmarks of the snow leopard and you will be infused with a sense of one-ness with the universe. In Ladakh, we love the stark simplicity of Nimmu House – or for an uber sense of hospitality, the contradiction of the Ultimate Travelling Camp’s tents that are housed all summer on the grounds of the Thiksey Monastery.


Wanderlove 5: A City to Fall In Love With…

Some cities are pervaded by a sense of wonder. It’s in the smell of its air, the way the streets wind, the side walk cafes, the art galleries, the boutiques and bars and bistros, and of course it’s people. There’s romance in its history, an empire lost or founded on its shores, or ships that docked in its harbors that brought exotic treasures from lands afar. There’s passion in the way it comes to life at dusk, the music in its streets, the whispers at its corners, and the vibrancy of its atmosphere. You’re caught up in the buzz and swept off your feet in a whirlwind of headiness.

As you descend the ancient limestone steps into the pudding basin of Old Dubrovnik, you feel like you’ve stepped back into a fairytale. If there’s a piece of living history in the world – it is this. The many influences that have kissed its shores swirl together like the creamy gelato its so famous for. Wander through the old Venetian loggias, throw a penny into the fountain, sip on a shot of local grappa, catch the notes of a church chorus on the wind, watch the sailboats as they sail into the old harbor and before you know it, time has flown past like the pigeons that flutter around the steeples of the city. You can choose to stay within the old city’s walls, or just a short walk up the hill beyond the Old Harbour, in villas of graceful antiquity and unmitigated charm. You’ll never want to leave.


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