Wellness with Kids…

As you hover between post-Diwali and pre-Christmas (and for some, exam time) stress, the idea of a relaxing wellness holiday sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Mind cleansing and pollution free nature walks, stretching those muscles with some yoga, and letting yourself drift to the sound of waves or energizing local music… but wait – what will you do with the kids?

Take them! Don’t think that you’ll get any downtime if you have the kids with you? Trust us – they’ll love these ideas.

Wildlife Digital Detox

We live in the electronic era – and let’s face it, not only are our kids are as hooked on their gadgets as we are, we also use them as a means of distraction. But we also know that it’s not the healthiest thing for a child to be screen-struck all the time. So instead of watching the Lion King (for the hundredth time) on that IPAD – how about a trip into the wild?

Natural air, natural light, no bandwidth, morning and evening activities that keep them awe-struck with wonder as you come across wild elephants, tigers, lions, hundreds of birds, monkeys… the list is endless.

And when they’re not on the game-drives? How about bathing the local elephants? Learning to fish? Pottering around in the kitchen garden? A bike ride through the grounds? The possibilities are endless.

WIYO Picks? India and Kenya are two of our favorites!

Spa & Beach Breaks

Every child (including the child that lurks in our adult soul) loves the beach. There’s just something so invigorating about the sun, the surf and the sea. Add in a safe lagoon where one can go snorkeling, feed the fish, watch the turtles hatch, and even the odd banana boat ride – all while you get a deep tissue massage. Everyone wins. WIYO Picks? The Maldives. 

Yoga Retreats

Are you and your kids frazzled in post-exam mode, tempers slightly frayed and fried? How about an uplifting yoga retreat to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul – and catch up on some bonding time with the kids that doesn’t involve text books. Test yourself on a different level.

Get into shape, mentally and physically as you stretch your body and spirit in unison. Too slow for the kids – you’re wrong. Try a vinyasa or a power yoga class that will literally leave you feeling breathless – and get those happy hormones flowing. You’ll come back glowing and ready to take on the world. If you’re still not convinced, how about a surf and yoga break? While you yoga, your kids (and you) can battle the waves.

WIYO Picks? South India, South East Asia

 Ski or Scuba Breaks

You’re an adventure junkie – and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, which means that your children need three times the adrenaline that you do. Ever thought about a ski or a scuba break?

You’re either on top of the world or beneath the ocean – and that’s two of the best places in the world to be. Never tried either before? That’s part of the fun – you can learn something new, in a different environment, and even make new friends. Your takeaway isn’t just a new skill but an all-time high. Try it. WIYO Picks? Europe for Ski and the Indian Ocean/South East Asia for Scuba. 

Want to learn more? Call us today and we’ll get you started on that journey to wellbeing.


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